Overprints production on films
and packaging design

Professional look at the project and personalized design assures that our customers receive the best quality, innovative products and services tailored to their real needs.


Keeping goods fresh by providing customers with the best packaging solutions, both in retail and catering, as well as in the food industry and the packaging sector.


...in the graphic "clothing" of all packaging: films, labels, cartons and many more. Passion at work and life results in perfection through high-quality flexographic overprinting on films and laminates. ULTIME makes packaging that encourage buying, trying and frequent use of food products and other goods. We use plastics in case it is safer for health, environment and unfortunately paper cannot be used.


Highly qualified graphic designers make sure that the final effect oftentimes exceeds the requirements of our clients. This is achieved thanks to the great Ultime's team experience and also intellectual and artistic commitment. Of course, our work is much more than graphic design, but after its implementation the customer receives ready foils, laminates with amazing overprints that will definitely improve his/her final product...


Projekty graficzne

Graphic designs.

We specialize in graphic “outwear” for all packaging materials: plastic bags, labels, boxes, and others.
We are most experienced in creating high quality flexographic overprints on films and laminates.
Owing to ULTIME designs for packaging, consumers are encouraged to buy, try out and frequently use the food products or other goods. Our graphic designers make sure that the final results meet our Customers’ expectations.
This is possible thanks to the years of our experience, and to our creative involvement. Certainly, our work does not end with the design; we also offer finished films and laminated materials with overprints.

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Nadruki na foliach, woreczkach i laminatach

Overprints on films, bags and laminated materials, HD flexo and roto.

We apply HD flexo printing technique.
Owing to our cutting edge machines we are able to perfectly recreate the design and achieve the intended effect.
Packaging with repeatability of up to 850 mm can be printed even in 10 colours. In large size packaging materials, i.e. over 850 mm, imprints may be made in up to 8 colours.
We also use KODAK technique, and if large number of copies or specific imprints are required, we suggest the option of ROTO printing. By using high screen rulings it is possible to print high resolution photos and to achieve tonal changes reaching very low percent values. Knowledge and expertise gained over the years made it possible for us to develop a unique solution which offers such advantages as very high throughput and reliability of operation in packing lines, as well as a competitive price.

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Folie do maszyn rolowych

Bottom and top films for rolling machines.

PAPE bottom films for thermoforming applications, are used in vacuum packing or inert gas packaging (MAP) performed by rolling machines. Our multi-layer films have a high range of sealing temperatures and good puncture resistance; they are characterised by excellent thermoformability, high gloss and transparency.
Top films with or without print are designed to present a finely packed product, at the same time constituting a barrier for oxygen and providing long-term protection for the product.

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Folie FlowPack i FlowVac

Flow-pack and flow-vac films.

We offer a wide range of films to be used in both vertical and horizontal flow pack wrappers.
Our films meet the specific requirements necessary to comply with such machines, i.e. capacity for rapid and strong sealing (HOT TACK) in a short period of time.
This has been achieved by an addition of metallocene to polyethylene with adequate parameters.
Moreover, after vacuum is achieved the packaging is filled with modified atmosphere (MAP), therefore the packaging must sustain the elevated pressure to which the seal and film are exposed.
Feasible rate of packing is between 12 and 15 cycles per minute.

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Osłonki poliamidowe i barierowe

Polyamide and barrier casings.

We also offer a wide range of casings suitable as packaging for various types of processed meat, from the most popular types used in production of processed meats with specifically defined shapes, to ring casings as well as casings designed for smoked, steamed, dried as well as raw products.
We can also deliver casings suitable for filling with small pieces of processed meat and chunks of ham.
Owing to their technological versatility, it is possible to achieve the required properties of the final product.

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Folie termokurczliwe i woreczki PAPE

PAPE and Heat shrink bags.

Our barrier shrink bags for meat and cheese packaging are manufactured from innovative materials, with the use of novel technologies. Owing to their unique design, they combine excellent mechanical resistance with lower thickness of the plastic film, which results in decreased amount of waste produced. Because of their excellent heat seal strength, they stand out among materials of this type on offer on the Polish market. Highly shrinkable, they also create excellent barrier protecting against oxygen and moisture. The material used in their production is chlorine free, therefore our shrink bags produce less adverse effects in the environment. The bags are provided with an inner EVOH layer which additionally extends the product’s shelf life. Highly transparent and glossy, the packaging allows to present the product in an attractive way. Being among the few suppliers of plastic films, we also offer shrink bags with flexo prints, one-sided, or synchronised two-sided, with an option of 10 colours on each side. We also provide advice and cooperate with our Customers in designing the graphic layout.

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Etykety termiczne i ozdobne

Thermal and decorative labels.

Labels are more and more commonly used in various sectors. In the case of food products, with defined shelf life and storage conditions, there are specific requirements related to labels, therefore a configuration with the environment is needed on a case-by-case basis.
Well-selected top quality materials and suitable technology applied in the production of self-adhesive labels ensure their adequate functional features.
Self-adhesive labels should be made of certified materials, containing no heavy metals, and approved for contact with food and they should be manufactured in compliance with the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Hygienic Practices.

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The Quality Policy in ULTIME is implemented through:

  • really fast and reliable order processing,
  • storage reserve option,
  • comprehensive product offering from design through implementation to transport,
  • offering new design solutions, proven in practice, based on own experience,
  • professional advice and consultation regarding the offered products,
  • reliability and sense of responsibility in cooperation with the client,
  • quick response to customer needs,
  • implementation, application and improvement of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001

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